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Paul Jetten
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Paul Jetten ...and you will know us by the trail of breadcrumbs.
need i say more
Breadcrumbs 05:18
Look left and right before you cross the street, You never know who’s behind the wheel. Lifting every rock, you know we’re gonna find you and you will know us by the trail of breadcrumbs Don’t tell a soul about the things I’ve shown you Don’t fool yourself with the illusion of safety ‘Cause when your breaks fail, you’re driving 90 Hunger pangs and uncertainties! AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS (I spy with my little eye, something beginning with you) Post-script; When I was 12 I went camping in the woods; I got lost and wandered for what felt like days All I had in my pockets was a 10 pence piece and a ball of string And know 13 years later I find myself stood here in front of you and I ask myself “how did I get so lost?”
Histories 03:29
we wrote our own histories on the pages of old magazines. I watched the blood drain from your face as you realise we've lost the human race. George A Romero would have cried at your final fatal oversight, and Verhoven would have laughed total recalling the fear flash through your eyes. and no amount of science-fiction could have saved us from this mess, it's no low budget motion picture. you've made your bed, so lie in it - you know we're damned at best we will become the walking dead. just between me and you, I learnt my moves from the Terminator 2. (she said, she said) it's science-fiction.
Day by day, we look over our shoulders behind, watching youth slip away through our fingers, we sigh. Draw the line, choke the feelings of regret now, don’t lie. Cauterize! It’s the blood loss that leaves you reeling, inside. Don’t turn around and walk away, you weren't supposed to know. If it’s a matter of conscience, then if I'm honest my hearts not in it: Stood here on the stage, I don’t mean a word I say.


released February 18, 2013

words and music by Wax Futures.
mixed and produced by Ryan Pinson at Zip, oct/nov 2012.

sleeve art by Michael Dryden, design/layout by Rory Butterworth.
view more by Michael here:

released by Wolf Town DIY.


all rights reserved



Wax Futures UK

slacker post-hardcore from the English Midlands.

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